15 Ways to Make Money: Quick Cash, Home Business, and Passive Income Ideas

By , on Sep 15, 2011

One of the keys to financial freedom is earning more than spend. You can, of course, cut your expenses so that you are spending less money. But, in order to really kick things into high gear, it helps to make a little extra money. Whether you are looking to supplement your income, or whether you need something more like a “day job”, there are ways you can make money.

Here are 15 ideas for making extra money.

Quick Cash

These ideas aren’t necessarily meant to completely replace your current income. But, if you are looking for a little fast cash, here are some things you can try:

  1. Plasma Donation: You can get between $20 and $35 a pint — depending on the plasma bank in question. You can give plasma twice in any seven day period, as long as you wait two days in between. That’s got the potential for between $160 and $280 in a month. Check DonatingPlasma.org for banks.
  2. Bone Marrow Donation: While you’re donating bits of yourself, consider giving bone marrow. This is done by the cubic centimeter. If you are willing to give 100 cubic centimeters, you can get as much as $450.
  3. Selling Your Hair: If you have long hair, you can sell your hair for money.
  4. Sell Your Stuff: Take a day and go through your stuff. Decide what you want to sell. You can get fairly fast cash with the help of a yard sale, or you can go online and sell it via eBay or Craig’s List.
  5. Recycle: Many localities have facilities where you can take scrap metal and be paid by the pound. You can also take empty glass bottles and return them for the deposit in some states (see BottleBill.org).
  6. Odd Jobs: Make a quick buck by doing odd jobs. You’ll likely be paid in cash when you do jobs like clean yards and homes, make minor repairs (if you are qualified), and other odd jobs.

Starting a Home Business

If you are looking for a more stable cash flow, and if you have some time to develop a business, you can try these ideas for starting a home business:

  1. Freelance: You can be a freelance writer, graphic designer, computer programmer, or even a consultant. If you have a skill, you can sell it and work from home. Build a client base and set your own hours.
  2. Tutor: If you know a lot about a school subject — math, science, history, English — you can charge to help others learn about it. You can also do this online, or teach online courses (if you have the qualifications).
  3. Monetize Your Hobby: Many people find that crafts, scrapbooking, or carpentry can pay the bills. Do what you love and make money.
  4. Virtual Assisting: Help set up appointments, make phone calls, and create communications for someone else. Virtual assisting is a growing field, and something you can do as a home business.
  5. Care Giving: You can earn money providing care giving for others. Child care, elder care and pet care are all possibilities. You might need to be specially licensed in some states. However, if you like caring for others, you can do some sitting and make a business of it.
  6. Insurance and Financial Planning: If you have the proper qualifications and licenses, you can actually set up a home business that offers insurance products. You can also provide financial planning services, with the proper certifications.

Passive Income

You can also work toward building a passive income. This takes some research and work at first, to get things in motion, but once you get going, you can reap the benefits later on.

  1. Dividend Paying Stocks: Develop an income portfolio that includes dividend paying stocks, and you can receive regular checks from your earnings.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Set up a web site or two and use affiliate links to earn some money. This goes beyond AdSense. You can keep ads on your site and build up an income stream.
  3. Royalties: Write a book or create a song. You can earn royalties from your creativity. If you can self-publish, you can keep even more of the money.

Here are even more ideas for making extra money.


Andy Tenton Andy is a 30-something New Yorker who turned his financial life around. He took charge of his finances, got out of debt, and is now working his way toward financial success. He is the owner of Money Destiny and the publisher of WorkSaveLive.com.

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  1. Vin:

    The quick cash section is gold! Whenever I’m low on funds, these are my go-to money makers! eBay and craigslist are great, even if you have to wait a few weeks for the entire process to be completed. I tend to stay with eBay since I never have to meet a stranger in order to make money. There’s just something about meeting a random person to sell them my used goods that makes me feel awkward. Who knows.

    Also, for anyone that wants to freelance, I would suggest becoming a freelance writer. I make $8-$10 an hour based on work availability as a writer. It does get tedious sometimes, but it’s worth it if you need some dough.

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