Paying Down Debt: Which Strategy Is Right for You?

Many people have trouble determining how to begin paying down debt. Which method is right? Highest interest first? Snowball? Paying in chunks? The simple answer is, it really depends on you and your situation. If you […]

Good Financial Sense Begins in Toddlerhood

The other day, as my toddler was throwing a tantrum, because she had to wait five seconds before I gave her a snack, I began thinking about what tremendous effort parenting a toddler takes. Not that […]

A Quick Pre-College Financial Education for High School Graduates

It’s graduation season. As high school students everywhere are celebrating their new found independence, parents of these students are worrying whether or not their graduates know enough to survive college. In a perfect world, parents teach […]

Protect Yourself Against Identity Thief Before He Gets You

Last week I was waiting for an important document to arrive in the mail. As I checked the mail every day, I realized how easy it would be for someone to steal my identity. We have […]

Budget Triage: How to Deal with Financial Setbacks

You might be familiar with this term, most frequently associated with emergency medicine — triage: the act of determining priorities within an emergency. Well, money can work like this too. Many of us have experienced a […]

5 Reasons Why Your Lender May Reject Your Home Loan

After spending a lot of energy applying for a mortgage, it is possible that the lender might call to tell you that you don’t qualify for a loan. You may have thought that you were going […]

Health Care Flexible Spending Account and Eligible Expenses

The year’s end is quickly approaching, and with it rests the spending deadline of flexible spending accounts (FSAs). What is an FSA? A flexible spending account is an account that employees can use to cover out-of-pocket […]

Don’t Buy Credit Card Life and Disability Insurance

You would never take out an insurance policy on behalf of your bank and pay its premiums, would you? But that’s exactly what you’re doing when your credit card company convinces you to buy life and […]

How to Make Credit Cards Work for You

Credit cards can be extremely beneficial to individuals and even small business owners. Then again, many can tell you, or have at least heard of, one credit card horror story. Either way you look at it, […]

What My School Didn’t Teach Me About Credit Cards

Many people see credit cards as one of the primary keys to financial imprisonment, and this has proven to be the case for many people. However, the problem isn’t the credit card itself, but how they […]

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